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"One of the most talented organists in the world."

(The Chicago Tribune, March 2014)

"Spellbinding Virtuosity, keen sense for phrasing and line, superb rhythmic control, contrapuntal and linear clarity and a fine sense of color. He is highly capable of communicative lyricism, a sure grasp of musical structure aand counterpoint, and incendiary virtuosity."

("The American Organist, October 2014)

“An absolute organ prodigy with the technique and virtuosity that most concert pianists could only dream of….The Franz Liszt of the Organ.”

(Florida NPR)

“The artistry of Adam Brakel is truly beyond what can be said of a young man. He touches each note with understanding and passion and the resulting sound is brilliant. He has an all-consuming ability to communicate the essence of every piece he plays. He is like those greats before him a force to be reckoned with.. Make no mistake, this young man will surely have a most distinguished career. He’s got my vote!”

(Robert Hebble- One of the most distinguished composers in the field, concert organist/ pianist.)

“Because of his enormous vitality and scorching organ technique, Adam Brakel has to be the incarnation of Liszt and Paganini without the histrionics.”

Dr. Fred Moleck (Editor, GIA Quarterly. GIA Publications)

“All power to virtuoso organist… we were treated to a virtuoso performance of some of the most demanding works in organ literature.”

(Hexham Courant- U.K)

“He does to the organ as to what Glenn Gould did of the piano”

Mr. Kevin Calloway (Director of Music, 1st Presbyterian Church, Birmingham MI)

“Not since Leonard (Bernstein) have I seen someone with the fire in their eye like Adam.”

Dennis Johnson (Personal friend of the late Leonard Bernstein, Bass section leader, St. Mary’s Episcopal, Stuart, FL)

“Adam Brakel played beautifully at The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels (Los Angeles). The interesting program held the audience in rapt attention, and the playing was simply breathtaking.”

(Frank Brownstead- Director of Music)

“As a musician, Adam is first class and as an organist, a technician of remarkable ability. However, what I have admired most about him is his quenchless enthusiasm for music and the repertoire he plays. His passion to communicate this to others and his tenacity for learning and conquering some of the most difficult literature written for organ only fuels this zest. Adam is about to record the formidable Etudes by Jeanne Demessieux for commercial release, itself a project that belies a resolve to climb and represent to others the Everests of the repertoire. He has the zeal and facility to make this a landmark recording within his field.”

(Dr. Jeremy Filsell- Artist in Residence, Washington National Cathedral-International Concert Organist and Pianist)

“I am very pleased and impressed by your playing. (Complete Organ Works of Cesar Franck). The playing is very clean and clear indeed, precise and not mannered at all, accurate, steady, always musical, never overdone in expression. Your clean playing and use of registration really clarify form in this music.”

(Dr. Thomas Benjamin - One of the leading experts in the world of music theory and counterpoint – Textbook author, Retired Professor of counterpoint, Composer-Peabody Conservatory)

“A Young Man with a phenomenal talent…His G Major Prelude and Fugue BWV 541…beautifully played, and the Liszt piano transcription was absolutely phenomenally played.”

(Litchfield Review of St. Chad’s Cathedral recital Birmingham, England

“He came, he played, and tamed the beast…Not since 1951 when E. Power Biggs came and played the dedicatory recital has there been this much excitement about an organ recital here at First Lutheran Church.”

(Steve Middlebrecht-Music Director-First Lutheran Church, Carlisle, Pennsylvania)

“Adam Brakel has developed a brilliant technical facility which is equal to every challenge in the organ repertoire. As he continues to grow musically, he promises to become one of the leading performers of his generation.”

(John Walker, DMA, FAGO-Peabody Conservatory)

“A student gifted with enormous ability, I believe that Adam Brakel has the potential to become one of the finest organists of his generation.”

(Donald S. Sutherland- Peabody Conservatory)

“One of the most exciting young players to enter the scene in a very long time.”

(Rebecca Rollett-concert organist/Pittsburgh Camerata)

“As Visiting Professor at Peabody, I have had the opportunity during my three visits in the past academic year to observe Adam’s boundless enthusiasm, eagerness to progress, and capacity for hard work. He is to be commended for his devotion to the art of performance, and to music itself.”

(Dame Gillian Weir-concert organist)

“The Music at St. Paul’s concert series has been a beacon of the arts in Delray Beach for 21 years, and has established very high standards for musical performance, so it was exciting to have a performer of his caliber on our series.”

(Dr. Keith Paulson-Thorp-composer, pedagogue, Director of Music, St. Paul’s- Delray Beach)

“Adam’s playing is hair-raising, rhythmic, and musical-something that most young players don’t possess.”

(Donald Fellows-Cathedral Organist and Director of Music -St. Paul Roman Catholic Cathedral-Pittsburgh, PA.

“One cannot fail to be excited by Adam’s prodigious technique, moved by his innate musicality, and enriched by his sense of style”

(Mr.Andrew Fletcher-concert organist/composer, United Kingdom)

“I firmly believe that given the talent, commitment and energy in Adam Brakel, he will have a fine career as an organist.”

(Phyllis Bryn-Julson,-World Renowned Soprano)

”Adam Brakel”s program was outstanding and interesting as the pieces that he played for us are non-standard repertoire. Adam”s playing was brillant, and without any doubt he is on his way to becoming a great artist to be remembered. It was the best Emerging Artist Organ Concert the Fort Lauderdale AGO chapter has ever had. We would recommend that every AGO Chapter in the country to invite him to play, it guarantees a great organ concert and promotes a great artist.”

(The Dean of The Fort Lauderdale, Florida Chapter AGO, Mr. John Mahannah)

“Brakel played with excellent technique, a mature and sensitive ear for sounds which resulted in excellent| registrations, and mature musicianship.”

(Dr. Peter Picerno, Miami Dean, AGO)

“Adam Brakel is a very talented musician. His Bach Trio Sonata sparkled with delight and energy and the Lizst transcription was played with commanding authority. He has a formidable technique which he brings to all of his music making, coupled with a refined sense of musicianship. The registrations he selected were highly creative and brought out the best sounds of the organ. His comments during the recital endeared him to the audience who certainly enjoyed the entire program.”

(Dr. John Sherer -Director of Music/Organist…4th Presbyterian Church, Chicago)

One of his country’s outstanding talents in classical organ music…not just possessing virtuosity, but a mature empathy remarkable in so young a performer.”

(The Sequencer, United Kingdom)

“What impresses me is his deep insight into the repertoire – his technical mastery would be somewhat hollow without this, his utter commitment to music and his wide-ranging knowledge which comes-across during incredibly pleasant and relaxed conversation.”

(John Keys- Director of Music- St. Mary’s Church Nottingham, U.K., Concert Organist)

2018 Engagements 

2017   Engagements 

  Concert Organist - Touring Artist - Accompanist - Lecturer

Jan.  21          St. John's Episcopal Cathedral - Beaches Fine Art Series

                                        Jacksonville, Fl  4:00 p.m.

Jan. 28           First Presbyterian Church, Naples, Fl    4:00 p.m.

April 8           St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, Hanover, Pa   4:00 p.m.graph here.

March 24         St. Helena Episcopal Church, Beaufort, SC   12:oo p.m.

April 23            First Presbyterian Church, Fort Smith, Arkansas    4:00 p.m. 

June 5               Shryock Auditorium, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Il  7:30 p.m.

​Sept.   1             Cathedral Basillica,    St. Augustine, Florida  7:00  p.m.

Sept. 29            St. Stephen Catholic Church, Riverview, FL- Johannus Organ dedication 7 p.m.

Oct. 20             Octave Hall of Allen Organs, Macungie PA  7:30 p.m.

Oct.  29            Palma Ceia, Presbyterian Church - all Bach Recital - Tampa, Fl  6:00 p.m.​